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Concha Muñoz (Spain)

I had the great fortune of studying at INTERLINK, an international English language center that emphasizes skills in English. After studying for 9 months in this program, I can say that INTERLINK employs a wide array of useful pedagogical approaches. I believe that teachers play an integral part in developing our abilities and skills. The teachers at INTERLINK are truly amazing, professional, enthusiastic, and dedicated. They concentrate on your individual needs and help you improve your speaking, listening, reading, and writing. They create a dynamic learning environment using new technology and the latest teaching methods in order to help you become an independent student so that you feel more self-confident with your use of English. The aspect of INTERLINK that I most enjoyed was the vibrant sense of community. Teachers create an open, friendly, and supportive atmosphere in class among people from different places. Now, I am ready to go back to Spain to work in a bilingual school as an art educator. Without having enrolled in this program, I would not be able to return to Spain to teach English. I am extremely happy that I completed the program at INTERLINK and that I am going on to help others with their English. This is a very important step in my career and professional development. I hope many more students can enjoy the experience I had.

Mei-Lan Chen (Taiwan)

I am a Ph.D. student in Nursing at UNCG. Last year, I attended the INTERLINK program to sharpen my English skills. INTERLINK has an excellent program and professional teachers.  As the Chinese proverb goes, "teaching a man how to fish is better than giving him a fish." Truly, INTERLINK provides useful and excellent methods to help students sharpen their English skills. INTERLINK promotes self-learning and lifelong learning. Moreover, INTERLINK has excellent teachers who serve as students’ instructors, mentors, and friends. As Aristotle once said, “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.” I appreciate their teaching, so now I can taste how sweet the fruit is. Finally, INTERLINK has a great director, who always seemed to be there when I needed his help. His exceptional competence is the cornerstone of the program. Although I have since left INTERLINK, I certainly won’t forget why I came.

Mashal Aljehany (Saudi Arabia)

INTERLINK provided me with a lot of opportunities to improve my English skills. Compared to my previous ESL program, INTERLINK was very professional. I also really liked that INTERLINK helped me both in class and outside of class. For example, I participated in the Conversation-Partners Program, which allowed me to understand American culture and to make American friends. Finally, the city of Greensboro was a great place to live.

Zui Chih Lee (Taiwan)

I am currently a junior faculty member in the Department of Business Administration at Susquehanna University in Pennsylvania. My research focuses on Online Consumer Behavior and E-retailing. At INTERLINK, I developed many English skills with the help of great teachers. The materials and activities they used made learning fun. During lunchtime, I practiced conversation and discussed my homework with my classmates. It was a lovely environment. After INTERLINK, I got my MBA and then my Ph.D. in the Consumer, Apparel, and Retail Studies program.

I still visit INTERLINK’s office and have coffee with my former teachers. I am a marketing professor now, and INTERLINK did a great job of helping me prepare for work in the U.S. I still use the presentation skills I developed, such as strategies to overcome anxiety and remembering to keep eye contact with my audience. Students like my marketing classes, and it is because I learned a lot at INTERLINK. I would recommend the program as a first step for people who want to pursue their goals in the U.S.

Theophilus Twum-Barima (Ghana)

INTERLINK helped me improve my English skills. Before INTERLINK, I was not proficient in the English language. I was able to read and write it, but I was unable to speak it. INTERLINK’s teachers were very helpful; they encouraged and motivated me to learn, and they were available whenever I needed them. INTERLINK’s teachers cared about my success, and they made sure I was prepared for life in university. After I graduated from INTERLINK, I was accepted to Greensboro College, where I majored in biology. I am currently attending the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, where I am pursuing a master’s degree in biology. My future plan is to attend the University of Iowa, where I will complete an M.S. and a Ph.D. in epidemiology.

INTERLINK will always be a part of my life story. Through INTERLINK, I met individuals who played a critical role in my destiny. For instance, in 2005 I participated in an activity in which the entire class went to a retirement home and conversed with older individuals. During one of these activities, I met a wonderful lady named Estelle Lawing, who was 101 years old at the time. Estelle graduated from Greensboro College in 1924 and knew a few administrative executives there. She put me in contact with them, and, a few months later, I was accepted to the college, and the rest is history.

As far as I am concerned, INTERLINK is not just an English as a Second Language center, it is also a connection center where every day, through various activities and learning resources, one has the privilege of connecting with people that might change his or her life forever.

Tingting Wang (China)

It was a great experience studying at the INTERLINK Language Center, a long-established English-language program. I believe that INTERLINK offers an excellent value to all international students who want to improve their English skills. It has well-organized intensive classes, including reading and writing and communication skills, and also it has an outstanding team of professional teachers. All teachers and staff members are very nice and dedicated to their jobs. When I needed help, they were always available and helpful, and they always provided individualized help to each student. In addition, I liked the atmosphere at INTERLINK. People were so friendly, and I felt free to talk with native English speakers at any time. I became outgoing and built my self-confidence when I studied in the program. I spent half a year at INTERLINK, and my English improved a lot, which makes me feel that I am ready to enter my MBA program in the future. I hope more and more students who want to improve their English can join this professional program.

Nicole Schindler (Germany)

While in Germany, I received my degree in business with a focus on international business economics, and then I worked as a financial specialist for four years. In 2010, my partner accepted a position here in Greensboro, so I decided to take this opportunity to improve my English skills. Numerous people suggested that I study at INTERLINK. This program definitely prepares you for your academic future with its strong emphasis on writing and speaking in English. The classes not only help you become a competent speaker and a powerful writer, they also allow you to develop a deep level of control over your language skills. INTERLINK offers students new ways of learning while requiring an exceptionally high level of self-motivation and discipline. The intensive-learning model, combined with written and oral examinations on complex topics, was the key to my tremendous progress in English. With the INTERLINK certificate in my hand, I feel perfectly qualified to further my professional career.

Mohamed Bara (Libya)

I started my first class at INTERLINK on October 18, 2010. Through my INTERLINK courses, my English improved and got closer to the academic level expected by the host institution, UNCG. I made many new friends, both American and non-American, who were special to me. Also, I was taught by highly trained teachers who created an environment that helped me understand the purpose of the work I was doing. Importantly, the INTERLINK staff members were always there for me when I needed them. They supported me when my country was in crisis and encouraged me to move forward without looking back. Without INTERLINK, I wouldn’t have been able to start my bachelor's degree in computer science at UNCG, so I must thank this wonderful program.

Ayman Fawzi Alhadi Alfaleh (Saudi Arabia)

INTERLINK has helped me achieve my goals. Because of INTERLINK, I got acceptance from NC A&T University. When I joined INTERLINK, I improved my writing and speaking skills. Now, I am finishing my master's program in industrial engineering with a very high GPA. Recently, I got accepted into a Ph.D. program at the same university. These programs would not have been possible for me without the high level of English INTERLINK helped me obtain.

Norah Alkhunaini (Saudi Arabia)

People can study English almost anywhere in the world, but it is difficult unless there is an effective program and staff.  From my experience studying English as a second language at INTERLINK, I can say that this program is professional and helps students develop communication skills. During the nine months that I was at INTERLINK, my English skills improved more than I could have expected. It was a valuable experience, not just because I improved my English, but also because I learned about different cultures and made new friends. I strongly recommend this program to people who seek to develop their English in a short period of time.


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